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Published Work

As a surgeon scientist Dr Reid has published extensively on colorectal diseases in peer reviewed journals as well as regularly attending and speaking at scientific conferences. She has won awards, scholarships and grants for her on-going work on the role of immune cells in colorectal cancer.

A Systematic Scoping Review on Natural Killer Cell Function in Colorectal Cancer


Cancer Immunology, Immunotherapy

C-reactive protein trajectory to predict colorectal anastomotic leak: PREDICT Study


British Journal of Surgery

Four different ileorectal anastomotic configurations following total colectomy


Australia New Zealand Journal of Surgery

Intercontinental collaborative experience with abdominal, retroperitoneal and pelvic schwannomas


British Journal of Surgery

Colonic lung cancer metastasis in vedolizumab-treated immune checkpoint inhibitor colitis


World Journal of Colorectal Surgery 10.4103/WJCS.WJCS_8_20

Colo‐pleural fistula: a rare complication of bariatric surgery


Australia and New Zealand Journal of Surgery

An unusual cause of an elevated hemidiaphragm: Large right-sided spontaneous diaphragmatic hernia induced by severe chronic cough in an adolescent patient with asthma


Internal Medicine Journal

A primary germ cell tumour in the gastrointestinal tract: A Caecal lesion of yolk-sac morphology in a young patient”


 Journal of Surgical Case Reports

Prospective evaluation of the Sunshine Appendicitis Grading System score


 ANZ Journal of Surgery

“(Ab)normal saline and physiological Hartmann’s solution (Ringer’s Lactate): A randomised, double-blind, crossover study


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