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Dr. Fiona Reid offers specialist colorectal and general surgery and expert minimally invasive surgery (keyhole surgery).

    Some conditions she commonly treats include:

Colon and rectal cancer

Inflammatory Bowel Disease (Crohn's Disease and Ulcerative Colitis)

Familial cancer syndromes e.g. Lynch, FAP

Colonic polyps


Radiation Proctitis

Rectal bleeding, haemorrhoids, perianal fistulae and fissures, rectal prolapse

Abdominal wall herniae, skin excisions, lipoma

   She offers a range of procedures including:

Colonoscopy and gastroscopy

TAMIS (Trans-Anal Minimally Invasive Surgery)

Laparoscopic (keyhole) surgery

Initial Consultation

During your initial consultation Dr. Reid will spend time exploring and assessing your symptoms before working with you to develop a treatment strategy. This may involve imaging tests, colonoscopy, surgery or referral to other specialists.

Dr. Reid offers TeleHealth appointments for some consultations. If you require a TeleHealth appointment just ask. 


Dr. Reid may recommend a colonoscopy if you have altered bowel habit, bleeding or a positive National Bowel Cancer Screening Program test (the poo kit). She will explain and make sure you understand the procedure and schedule a time for it to take place. Colonoscopies are performed under a light sedation at a local facility.


It may be that the best option for your treatment is surgery. Although this may be daunting Dr. Reid will take the time to talk through all the options for treatment and ensure you are comfortable and confident to go ahead with definitive surgery. Dr. Reid works with an excellent team of anaesthetists, nurses and administrative staff who will guide you through the journey from initial consultation to surgery. 

Filling Prescription
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